How to Start a Business

We deliberately write this review, not just to share information about our company or its history. More than that, we also want to market the products we make. It is therefore an online store containing information about our company. The purpose of this writing is, of course, middle-class businesses (UMKM) or any culinary industry requiring positions or commonly known as cars.

We deliberately use special keywords like the one we used for the previous title. The goal is that when you search on the Google search engine with this keyword, we are on the first page. For us, appearing in the Google search engine or commonly known as SERP is important for buying and selling online. Because this display of a page will affect the sale or not of the products we sell. In theory it’s like that. So, for internet marketers, main page 1, Google is required!

Come back to our point. We manufacture wooden cars that have been used for a long time in the timber industry, especially small-scale trucks. It sounds strange But it’s easy; we are partners of mipymes. In fact, our goal is that UMKM wish to undertake entrepreneurial activities, especially in the culinary field, such as meatballs, chicken noodles, catfish, beverages,
Yes, we are committed to helping UMKM who want to run their business or develop an existing business. So, if you want to open a phone and you already have capital, you just have to buy equipment such as a cart and a set of other commercial tools. Well, this part of the basket is our part.

Currently, there is no shop specializing in the sale of wooden carts. There are only producers in pre-order. It is usually also the manufacturer who is willing to do it. And the disadvantage of having to bake is [1] in terms of time. They are longer than the special producers who work in the car. So we deliberately created a special cart store. Indeed, we are committed to manufacturing and selling only cart products. [2] in terms of high prices. You must know that furniture is expensive. Then, grown products, including cars, are also expensive. Indeed, the products usually manufactured, such as frames, cabinets, doors, etc., are already in the category of expensive products. So it’s as if you ordered a cart from a furniture manufacturer to prepare you to provide more money.

We are here to offer you local purchases, quality products and good prices. What is the secret that we can give you special prices? Simply simple We can focus on one product. And we get cheaper materials from our competitors. It’s our secret. If we make many products without mastering them, we will need a lot of time to adapt. This is where prices start to rise.

We decided to sell wooden carts. Only this product we sell it. We specifically sell this online. Because online, it’s easier for us. Wide reach to various provinces and even cities. Plus, this online store does not die. If an offline store is the closing of this store (if it is dark). So, this online store will continue.
Well for those of you who want to have a culinary business and are still confused about buying a cart, please visit our website here to sell wooden carts. We will provide you with quality products and prices tailored to your needs.

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