Share Information about Business

Welcome to our website. We hope to share important information for you, especially with regard to businesses. Business times are very popular among us. So far, we want to open a business to become a big company. As a result, you join groups of companies or read references relating to the business world.

Now we want to share information with you. Who knows, you are also interested in sharing your experiences with us. But the theme we chose was very specific, namely the lower class sector. Why this? Because for us this small business is very big and requires motivation to develop. While large companies, such as businesses, can already support the system.

This small business is actually unique. In terms of very large numbers. They dare to fight with a very limited situation. But they often encounter obstacles. In Indonesia, taxes have recently been applied to lower class businesses.

Thanks to the tax rates of e-commerce. The government believes that buying and selling online has reached a significant transaction and that it is worthwhile to pay taxes. But if you look at the fact that it will be very difficult to accept this way of thinking.

For example, I make coffee. To get the raw ingredients of coffee, I had to buy coffee online because only the item I asked for was left. But if this tax rate is applied, the price of the basic material will increase, which is very inconvenient for us.

All online entrepreneurs have a high income. Sometimes they are beginners with no experience or income from the sale of products. Therefore, it is unfair if applied in the same way as those who already have significant incomes. To start an online business, government regulations have been a hindrance.
We are now one of the trading partners. We have been in the business world for a long time simply to observe the economic developments of society. We are here to be friends for your business. Please, for those of you who want to share information about our company, we will be delighted